Licensed Ikigai® Coach
Licensed Ikigai® Coach
Licensed Ikigai® Coach
Licensed Ikigai® Coach
Licensed Ikigai® Coach
Licensed Ikigai® Coach
Licensed Ikigai® Coach
Licensed Ikigai® Coach
Licensed Ikigai® Coach
Licensed Ikigai® Coach

Licensed Ikigai® Coach

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  1. Grow your profitable coaching business
  2. Differentiate yourself in a crowded market; using our exclusive and proven toolbox
  3. Create recurring clients using our end-to-end approach. So you can enjoy a healthy profit and prepare your business for long term continuity
  4. Participate in a robust certification process, enabling you to build credibility and brand
  5. And last but not least: make a lasting difference in the lives of your clients. Enable them to unlock their purpose

Upcoming Certifications

November 13th (Saturday session!) 14:00 - 15:30 CET

Asia, Americas, Europe and Africa friendly timing (English)

December 9th 14:00 - 15:30 CET

Asia, Europe / Asia Pacific / Middle East & Africa friendly (English)


We invest in you

      1. We Innovate our toolbox. You always have something proven and unique to offer.
      2. Apply a proven set of tools to assist your clients to unlock their Ikigai®.
      3. Ask us anything! Partner with independent business coaches with at least 20 years industry ànd coaching experience.
      4. Grow your network and partner with our community of Licensed Ikigai Coaches worldwide.
      5. Join complementary webinars to improve your delivery, sales and marketing.
      6. 24/7 access to our online Resources Hub. Where you can freely download supporting materials to grow your practice.
      7. A two year License as professional Ikigai coach from the Ikigai® Coaching Institute.
      8. A certification game kit with four Ikigai® question games (value 198,- euro).
      9. We can offer an additional opportunity to be found and contacted directly by potential clients worldwide via our Global Ikigai Coaches Locator.
      10. Get your personal Ikigai Coaching Institute Bamboo Poloshirt.

    You invest in us

      1. Participation in two certification sessions. Start with a 90 minutes certification Zoom webinar. Finish approximately 12 weeks later with a 60 minutes peer review session.
      2. In between the two certification sessions, you apply the Ikigai Coaching Methodology with two or three clients.


    Is becoming a licensed partner the right choice for you?

    While coaching as an industry is growing, the number of coaches seems to grow even faster! It's not obvious at all to be successful in this industry. Many coaches are struggling. To find clients, to get healthy fees and to develop recurring business.

    While many coaches and doing fantastic work for their clients, too often they are not reaching their full potential in some of the other business aspects. 

    If you have the ambition to grow your coaching firm to the next level. And if you want to run it as a healthy business, we can be your guide to help you get there.


    Do you qualify?

    1. You have finished a higher education at bachelor or masters level
    2. You have at least 10 years of business experience in a (senior) management position or as an entrepreneur, OR....
    3. .... you have at least three years of proven coaching experience with at least 200 hours of coaching experience. Working with at least 20 coachees one on one, or you have demonstrated experience in training groups.
    4. If you have a background as an executive, you are really open to invest in developing your coaching skills
    5. You support our vision as described in our manifesto.
    6. You feel comfortable to sign the licensing agreement to confirm our house rules.

    If you do not meet our criteria, but still want to join, reach out to us to discuss your options via 

    Ecological footprint & shipping

    When possible, we work digital. If we send you things: we compensate 100% of our CO2 footprint. We have your package at your doorstep in a matter of days, wherever you are on our planet.

    Organisational license

    If you are interested in an Ikigai methodology license for your organisation or for your school, please contact us via

    It's also possible to co-brand the Ikigai coaching toolbox for your firm. Contact us to learn more.  

    Other languages

    Currently we have Ikigai question game available in an English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish and Dutch version.





    White paper

    Dive deeper? Read our White Paper: the secret of Ikigai.





    Delivery of the licensing sessions is via Zoom

    Don't see a time that works for you? Contact us at to discuss other options.