Licensed Ikigai® Coach
Licensed Ikigai® Coach
Licensed Ikigai® Coach
Licensed Ikigai® Coach
Licensed Ikigai® Coach
Licensed Ikigai® Coach
Licensed Ikigai® Coach
Licensed Ikigai® Coach
Licensed Ikigai® Coach
Licensed Ikigai® Coach
Licensed Ikigai® Coach
Licensed Ikigai® Coach

Licensed Ikigai® Coach

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  1. Grow your coaching practice.
  2. Differentiate yourself in an unregulated and fast growing market; using our innovative, exclusive and proven toolbox. We approach our work according to the highest professional standards.
  3. Create recurring clients. Enjoy a healthy profit and design your practice for continuity from the start.
  4. Follow our robust licensing process, sharpen your skills.
  5. Join our global community. Be part of something bigger then yourself, work together with like minded professionals while remaining independent.
  6. Build on the momentum around Ikigai in the market.
  7. And last but not least: make a lasting difference in the lives of your clients. Enable them to unlock their purpose.


Is becoming a licensed partner for you?

While the coaching industry is growing, this not a simple industry. Developing the right returning clients, getting healthy fees and working with an exclusive toolbox takes deliberate action.

Anyone can call themselves a coach, so, many people do! Calling yourself a coach is by far not enough to develop a coaching business. Having authority in the market and using a proven toolbox is critical to build a client portfolio.

Let's be honest, we're not promising you shortcuts to easy success. Growing a healthy coaching business is hard work. However, with decent support, there are excellent opportunities. The market is forecasted to continue to grow. It's a fantastic profession, really making a difference in the lives of your clients.

We're in this industry ourselves for decades. We've lived through the industry developments and know where it is today. For us it's not theory. We've always had a very healthy and predicatable stream of income from our coaching practice. Both during good times, and during hard times. Therefore, you will only team up with very experienced independent business coaches. 


We invest in you

        1. We continue to Innovate our end-to-end Ikigai toolbox. You have something different and exclusive to offer. Tools like our Ikigai Questions Programme, our Ikigai Scan and Yarak: our Ikigai execution programme. 
        2. Learn to apply our unique (Ikigai) coaching tools to work with your clients.
        3. Access to our in-house developed client platform: Launch new programmes for your clients here. You have your own dashboard to monitor the progress of your clients. With this tool, you can deliver your programs from anywhere. Of course IkigaiHUB is privacy protected. We comply to GPDR ruling and delete or anonimize data. 
        4. Receive three digital Ikigai® question programs via IkigaiHUB. And one physical program.
        5. When your license is activated, you are featured in the global Ikigai Coach Locator. Via this marketing tool, clients will be able to contact you directly.
        6. Join monthly complementary webinars to improve your delivery, sales and marketing. We teach you how to deliver impactful coaching and how to build your practice.
        7. Build your network worldwide and join our global community of 100 like minded Licensed Ikigai Coaches. Most coaches are independent entrepreneurs. Partner, inspire and enrich each other.
        8. 24/7 access to our Resources Hub. Where you can download supporting materials.
        9. Two year License as professional Ikigai coach.
        10. Ask us anything! Partner with independent business coaches with at least 20 years industry ànd coaching experience.
        11. The Ikigai Coaching Institute Bamboo poloshirt.
        12. We limit the community of Licensed Ikigai Coaches to one Licensed Ikigai Coach per one million of inhabitants in for each country (e.g. Germany, England, France) or in one state (e.g USA, Canada, Australia). Each licensed Ikigai Coach receives a unique and numbered license.
        13. Leverage on our quality reputation in the market so you can open more doors. We own the patent on the word Ikigai.

    You invest in us

          1. Commit to our Institute's Guiding Principles for the delivery of ikigai coaching work.
          2. Sign the licensing agreement.
          3. Participation in two certification sessions. Start with a 90 minutes introduction licensing Zoom webinar. Finish 14 weeks later with a 60 minute peer review session.

          4. In between the two certification sessions, you apply the Ikigai Coaching Methodology with three real clients.

          5. Finish the Ikigai Coaching Licensing Questionnaire. 
          6. Your total hours of investment is approximately 30 - 40 hours. Split between: participating in the 2 licensing sessions, finishing the survey and preparing and delivery of your three Ikigai Programmes. 


    Do you have what it takes?

    1. You have finished a higher education at bachelor or masters level.
    2. You have at least 10 years of business experience in a (senior) management position or as an entrepreneur, OR....
    3. .... you have at least three years of proven coaching experience with at least 200 hours of coaching experience. Working with at least 20 coachees one on one, or you have demonstrated experience in training groups.
    4. You have the ambition to take your coaching business to the next level
    5. You support our vision in our manifesto.


    If you do not meet all of our criteria, but want to join our community, reach out to us to discuss via

    We reserve the right to refuse applications. Whether this is due to the maximum number of licensed Ikigai Coaches in one market or for other reasons. 


    Upcoming Licensing sessions

    2 June 2023 17:00 - 18:30 CEST

    New York (EST) 11:00 - 12:30 Los Angeles (PST) 08:00 - 09:30 AM
    5 July 10:00 - 11:30 CEST

    Amsterdam / Paris, Asia Pacific friendly

    5 July 2023 20:00 - 21:30 CEST

    Amsterdam/Paris, Americas friendly timing, 11:00 AM PST Los Angeles

    22 September



    Last 3 Seats available

    17:00 - 18:30 CEST Amsterdam/Madrid. 13:00 - 14:30 Buenos Aires. Sesión de licencia de idioma español


    Please reach out to us via if you want to discuss a better timing for you due to time differences.


    Environmental impact

    When possible, we work digital. If we send you things: we compensate 100% of our CO2 footprint. We have your package at your doorstep in a matter of days.


    Organisational license / franchise

    If you are interested in our Ikigai methodology for your organisation or for your school, please contact us via

    If you want to learn more about becoming an exclusive franchise partner for Ikigai Coaching Institute for your country or state, please reach out to us via


    Better career | Better life | Better planet



    Follow our Institute for the latest news on our LinkedIn page here.

    Want to discuss with us first? Just drop us a mail via 


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