Ikigai® questions programme
Ikigai® questions programme
Ikigai® questions programme
Ikigai® questions programme
Ikigai® questions programme
Ikigai® questions programme
Ikigai® questions programme
Ikigai® questions programme
Ikigai® questions programme
Ikigai® questions programme

Ikigai® questions programme

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Our tools are exclusively for our Ikigai Coaches with an active license

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Make a difference and unlock the Ikigai of your clients

63 Killer Questions

Unlock the 3 key messages

combine into 1 Ikigai®


Ikigai® coaching program is completely unique. It's a systemic program, offering deep reflection. A tool that is completely designed for application in real life.

It honors the soul and personality of your client. Not putting people in boxes or overly simplifying them into colors or numbers. Your client will experience your approach as very personalized. Tailored to individual needs.

With this tool, you're able to offer something with proven results. It gives you the possibility to differentiate yourself in a crowded market. You can plant a seed to build up a business relationship with your clients for a long time. 



We developed this tool, inspired on the way the island people from Okinawa lead their lives. Okinawans each embrace their own ikigai, which means: sense of purpose in life. An ikigai gives their lives purpose. It's a clear reason to begin each day.

IKIGAI® coaching program structures the program for you. It asks the relevant questions. Taking into account preferences, talents, skills and the application in a market with disruption, digitization and sustainability.


How to work with the IKIGAI programme?

  • use it with your coachee in a one-on-one setting
  • with two persons
  • in a small group
  • for team development


    IKIGAI question game is structured in three parts. Each section contains a series of challenging and provocative questions.

    Part 1: You love it. Deep dive questions to uncover what really drives your coachees at their deepest level.

    Part 2: You're good at it. Questions to help unlock how someone really makes the difference. What are the biggest talents and skills of your coachee?

    Part 3: Reality check. Synchronizing the internal journey with real life!


    Ikigai is built on research & two decades of deep coaching experience

    • The questions are built based on the research from the Okinawa Research Center for Longevity Study. Established in 1975, the OCS and its over 1000 participants have made important contributions to understanding the aging process and longevity. And a conclusion of the research is: knowing your Ikigai helps you to increase your chances for a long and meaningful life. So, never retire!
    • We combined this research with our 25 year experience in coaching. Throughout the years, we have coached thousands of individuals through change. 
    • Our Ikigai programme is played and tested in real life thousands of times. 


    Game design & validity

    • In the first development phases, we tested the game with our test panel. The panelists were hand-picked and we choose experienced and less experienced coaches to work with the first versions. Based on their feedback, we tuned our questions, fine tuned the methodologies to achieve face validity
    • When the first version was ready, we tested it with clients. One-on-one and in small groups of up to four people
    • The Ikigai Programme proved its impact today for thousands of people worldwide. For all ages.



        You can use Ikigai at multiple crossroads during your coachees’ professional life: as a student, first and second job, mid career and we even have a legacy edition. 

        The Ikigai programma is part of a larger eco-system of unique and proven tools that enable you continue to add meaningful follow-up program steps for your clients.


         Order programmes

        When you put in your order, you can choose between making an order for the offline (the physical game), online (Ikigai HUB) or a combination.