Growing your profitable coaching business

Growing your profitable coaching business

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Profit is the oxygen that you need for your business. Take your business to the next level, attend this workshop and learn in a very small group how to focus on the healthy growth of your coaching business. 

This workshop is only accessible for our Certified Professional Users.


How does it work

  1. This workshop is led by one of our experienced business coaches. You're only working with a coaching industry veteran with at least 2 decades of real life experience. 
  2. You work in a very small group of maximum three other Certified Professional users from our community. This ensures personal attention for all participants.
  3. During the workshop, we dedicate time to deep-dive into your personal ambition and your challenges. 
  4. Get extremely pragmatic ideas that you can apply immediately in your own business. For us, it's not theory. We've built three coaching firms in the last 25 years with hardly any budget for marketing or sales. We work with you, based on real life experience. 
  5. Work and learn in a very small, trusted group from our community.
  6. If you subscribe to this workshop, we'll get in touch to plan the date and time.
  7. We deliver this workshop, via Zoom, in two sessions. The first session is 90 minutes and 8 weeks later, a 90-minute second session will complete the workshop.
  8. If you subscribe to this once per year, you can do this as an annual update for yourself to keep the saw sharp.

    Topics we will cover

    1. Pricing strategy
    2. Sales & Marketing: guerrilla (no budget) marketing, vlogs, blogs
    3. Business growth topics you want to discuss