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Do you feel like you should make some changes to your professional life? But you don't know where to begin? Or who to talk to?

Or, do you think you are on track and you want to double check this?

Talk to someone trusted, truly confidential, independent and knowledgeable about where you are today with your Ikigai and discuss your next steps. 


Step one

It always starts with step one: understand where you are today. Based on our proven and unique Ikigai Model, we give you the opportunity to participate in Ikigai Scan to see where you are today.


How does it work?

  1. Purchase one Ikigai Scan
  2. Receive from us your personal link to complete your Self-Assessment via your email
  3. Take your Ikigai Assessment online in English (possibly use a translator tool if English is not your mother tongue)
  4. Plan for your private one hour one-on-one session with a Licensed Ikigai Coach. Use Ikigai Coach Locator to reach out to the Ikigai Coach of your choice. Work with your Ikigai Coach in the langugage or country you prefer.
  5. Together you set up the time to work with your Ikigai Coach. Your Ikigai Coach will inform us.
  6. Meet your Ikigai Coach via video call.
  7. Receive from your Ikigai Coach your personal Ikigai Scan as a One Pager PDF. Discuss and exchange your outcomes.
  8. Receive from your Ikigai Coach our E-pub book: Master of your own destiny
  9. Wrap-up or discuss next steps if that makes sense for you.


Of course everything you exchange is and remains 100% confidential between you and your Ikigai Coach. 

We have a limited availability of 250 Ikigai Scans worldwide.