our Manifesto


We get inspiration from the way the islanders from the Japanese island of Okinawa live their lives. Nowhere on our planet people age better. Here, everyone knows their personal purpose. Their Ikigai. They know why they get up in the morning.


Our services need to deliver superior market value. Offer something different, challenging and our programs need to create breakthroughs for clients.

Other tools are often focused on more analysis. Not grounded in real life. Because, in real life, people have responsibilities, mortgages and real fears.

There's not enough focus on execution. We're here to change this.


We don’t believe in telling people: ‘you have to buy organic’ or 'eat less meat'. Or telling people: 'this is right, and this is wrong'. However, we want our coachees, at least, to think about it. Nudge them. Enable them to make conscious choices.

Where we can, we make sustainable choices.


Our tools are a blended learning experience for our clients. But we unleash the real power in the synergy when our Licensed Ikigai Coaches work with our tools.

Don't be mistaken, Ikigai coaching is not therapy! It's purpose coaching, but it can be therapeutic.


There's over emphasis on personality tests in the coaching industry. So many tests out there that tell you things like you’re "green"... Putting people in boxes is often not helpful. And can even be harmful.

Very often we don't need more tests. People become a caricature of themselves. The science behind some of these tests is also a real issue.

Our Ikigai® programme follows our unique courageous narrative approach. Answering deep questions that really matter in a systematic way. Prompted in a series of questions. It honors the unique personality of coachees.


While understanding why you get up in the morning is critical, execution is often the real missing piece that hold people back.

We are committed to enable our coachees to be successful in execution too.


We're the expert institute and partner with our global community of Ikigai Coaches. Together, we have an enormous amount of global expertise and experience available.

Together, we try to touch at least 100.000 people before the end of 2025 with Ikigai.


We're bringing Ikigai to the world.

We have a Global Footprint of Licensed Ikigai Coaches in all continents that speak many different languages.


Ikigai is one of the cornerstones to increase someone's chances for a long and meaningful life. This is scientifically proven by the Okinawa Center for Longevity Science. Our services are built on this research.


We see that many fine coaches and consultants are looking for ways to improve their current business. They ask themselves how to grow their practice to the next level?

Profit is oxygen to run a business. Growing a coaching business and increasing profitability is critical to be able to invest and to earn a decent income.