our Manifesto


Unlocking purpose is the start. The rest follows.

We’re inspired by the way that the islanders from Okinawa live their lives. The island where everyone knows their personal purpose, their Ikigai. Nowhere on our planet people age better. 


Superior value

Our products and services need to deliver superior market value. Offer something different, challenging and create real break-throughs for our clients. Other tools are often focused on more analysis and more understanding. But they are not grounded in real life, where people have responsibilities, mortgages, old habits that are hard to break and fears. And last but not least, there's not enough focus on execution. We change this with our groundbreaking toolbox. 

We maintain a closed feedback loop with our community of Certified Professional Ikigai Coaches and continue to develop our toolbox. Reinventing ourselves is part of our DNA.



We don’t believe in telling people: ‘you have to buy organic’ or 'eat less meat'. Or telling people: 'this is right and this is wrong'. But we want our coachees at least to think about it. Nudge and enable them to make conscious choices. Offer inspiration to make a small contribution.

When we can, we make sustainable choices.


High touch, high tech

Ikigai® Question Game is a blended online and offline learning experience. Ikigai Question Game is available in a digital and in an offline version. Our execution tool Yarak® is 100% digital.

But we believe in the 'therapeutic' value of writing on the cards. But don't be mistaken, Ikigai coaching is not therapy! It's coaching, but it can be therapeutic.


Gamified and transparent

Homo Ludens! It’s in our DNA as humans to play. That's why we've developed our tools into a serious gaming experience. And that is fun to play too. Making it easier for people to be open to it and to stick with it.



We think there's over emphasis on personality tests in the coaching and consulting industry. So many tests out there that tell you things like: you’re green or you're 50. Putting people in boxes is often not helpful.

We believe that very often we don't need more tests. People easily become a caricature of themselves. The validity of these tests is sometimes also a real problem.

Ikigai® question game follows our unique courageous narrative approach. Answering the deep questions that really matter. Prompted in a logical series of questions. This is much more helpful than more analysis. This experience is more personal. It honors the unique personality of coachees.



While understanding why you get up in the morning is critical, execution is often the real missing piece that holds people back. There are libraries written about personal growth. So many self-help books.

We are committed to enable coachees to be successful in execution too. Our Yarak® tool is completely built for this!


Affordable expert partner

Our toolbox is and will always be affordable for our licenced network of coaches and consultants. We're expert wholesalers, partnering with our global movement of Ikigai Coaches to enable them to grow their business.

In a close partnership with them we create the possibility to reach at least 100.000 people before the end of 2025. Our toolbox is often more effective and up to five times cheaper than psychological tests. 



Our purpose is that we're globalizing the value of Okinawan Ikigai and bring this to the masses.

Therefore, we're working to enable at least 100.000 to unlock their Ikigai before the end of 2025.

It makes us happy that we already have a global network in place. And our movement is growing. 


Grounded in research

Ikigai is one of the cornerstones to increase chances for a long and meaningful life. This is scientifically proven by the Okinawa Center for Longevity Science. Since the mid seventies this University is following the habits and routines of thousands of people from the island. Our products are built on this research.


Profitable growth

We see that many fine coaches and consultants are looking for ways to improve their current business. They ask themselves how to grow their practice to the next level?

Profit is oxygen to run a business. Growing a coaching business and increasing profitability is critical to be able to invest and to earn a decent income.

We're totally committed to enable our Certified Ikigai Coaches to take this next step on their journey. At the end of the day it's very simple: their success is our success.