Are you only scratching the surface?

Do you go good deep enough when you read self-help books? Walk into a bookstore at an airport and you will see that half of the shop is filled with self-help books. Why? Because many of us are looking for a quick fix.


Most of us only want the result of our desired change


We are dreaming for years to start our own business. We are looking eagerly to get that promotion. We want to get a higher salary. We want to find another job. We want to find our purpose in life.


Recognize this? We go on a holiday. We read a self-help book. One week after we return from our holiday, we're back into the daily rythm. Nothing changed. We just scratched the surface.


Lasting change is never easy. And it requires us to look deep into the mirror. Confronting ourselves with missing pieces of the puzzle. We will need to understand that what made us succesful, may not be the same as what we need to move forward in our life. Accepting what we cannot change. Learn to focus on what we can change. Making peace with the sacrifices we need to make to move ourselves forward.


There are some really great self-help books. And buying a couple of them seems cheaper than hiring a coach..... if you look at it from the surface. But it's very often not enough to create lasting change. And then this approach becomes penny wise, but pound foolish.


If only understaing something is enough, it would be easier. But it's not! There are so many books about dieting. But still, 39% the world population is too fat. And it will be more than 50% in 2035. In other words: it's just not enough to buy a book about dieting and expect to stay thin. Understanding how it works is not enough! You have to do it and stick to it. Same story with all the subscriptions to health clubs. The club always makes money. But we will have to do the work ourselves at the end of the day to stay in shape.


Think about it. And remember that your clock is ticking too.


Let us know if you are ready to have a conversation with one of our Licensed Ikigai Coaches worldwide. Or just reach out to one of them directly via our locator. And yes, they will send you an invoice for their work. But it may turn out to be one of your best investments.


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