5 reasons to get professional coaching accreditation

1.    There are many (ex) businesspeople who consider getting into coaching at some point in their life. And that’s great, they have a lot to offer. Their business experience gives them an edge over many others. However, if they just get started, without any professional guidance, they will likely fall into traps. Coaching may not seem that difficult. We can tell you from real life, it is! The reality is that there are so many ex-businesspeople out there that call themselves a coach these days, but they hardly have any real coaching revenue.

2.    An active coaching license gives you a differentiator when you’re building up your track record in coaching. While this industry is not that regulated, many businesses that are using coaching, still want to reduce their risks. A license from a firm with a quality reputation that is in business for decades helps.

3.    Most coaches work on their own. And that can be lonely. Getting inspiration and internal coaching helps them to keep their own saw sharp like Steven Covey used to say. It also tells the world, ‘I’m role modeling what I tell my clients!’

4.    A serious coaching license means that it’s not for everyone. There are admission criteria to meet. The license exam includes a survey and delivering a number of coaching missions before getting the license. It’s something you have to earn, not buy.

5.    There are many self-proclaimed coaches that work intuitively. And of course, intuition and wisdom are important to be effective. If you can combine it with a proven and tested toolbox, that’s when the magic happens! Getting a license gives you access to proven tools and industry developments.


‘I’m role modeling what I tell my clients!’ 


Please let us know if you want to learn more about our licensing programs. Check if you qualify to become a licensed member of the Ikigai Coaching Institute. You can find more information here.

Our global community is over a hundred Licensed Ikigai Coaches worldwide. We maintain a maximum of one Licensed Ikigai Coach per one million inhabitants per country.